Posted May 23rd 2017

Ultimately an investment in any technology should be calculated against the cost vs return. Whether that be an upgrade or a completely new install.

We talk in terms of EPOS because that is what we do but the calculator could assist the maths in other business areas.
In today’s fast moving business arena, staying on top requires every detail of your business to work. It does all come down to money at the end of the day.

Poor shop customer service might take a long time to filter through to the profit and loss account as the knock on reputation spreads but it might be hidden factors causing the failure and not necessarily the shop staff themselves.
We look at a few more obvious areas on our calculator, like human error on sales, overly time consuming processes that impact the engagement time of Sales Assistant to customer and so on.

Some industry average values have been entered against these common factors affecting loss in sales value – change these percentage numbers to reflect your own potential situation. You may have gathered your own data in areas such as lost websales due to poor or no Web to store stock integration. Although not intended as a factual guide, the tool works well to highlight areas that may be slacking in the business based upon your own input.

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