How cloud data sharing, storage and applications can transform your Retail IT headaches.

Posted October 12th 2016

Even though I have told myself a hundred times to save documents as I create them every so often …..BOOM! I lose everything! I am writing a document or doing a complex spreadsheet and some technical glitch or another and my work is lost….grrr! Or I’d send a document by email to a colleague and they would update it and then someone else (usually me) would accidentally overwrite the changes.
Well that was then, nowadays I exclusively use online docs, there are a few variants but I am a fan of Google’s DRIVE with it’s sheets and docs, enabling everything I used to be able to do in Microsoft Office but without ever losing anything, available on every-single device I own and instead of sending files, I just link share which enables real time collaboration which is a massive bonus in discussing, sharing and updating with colleagues. And best of all – it’s Free!google_drive_logo_3963
So what is happening is the file you are creating or editing is not actually on your PC, tablet or phone; it’s “on the cloud” – the term given to computers called servers that store and process information as well as running the application in question. This could be a simple Word document. Just like your computer, you can organise your files into folders and share with specific people. It means everything you do is not at the mercy of your device, but securely stored and managed on these cloud servers. You are just creating and editing data in pre formatted webpages for their specific purposes.
Our Retail System LOIS works in a very similar way. All the EPOS data is stored and edited online. Your device (Till) merely has a permanent connection to the cloud. This is a huge bonus in the modern era of multi channel retailing. You may have more than one shop, a website or too and integrations into marketplace websites like Amazon and Ebay. For your stock to be as efficient as possible it’s stock levels etc would need to be live to all the different channels. The best way to do that is via the cloud such that each channel is merely looking at one data set rather than having to rely on data polling at regular intervals. Data Polling has always been a weakness. If one location fails to poll All the data of the group is incorrect. Thus LOIS utilises real time single source data. And like Google Drive, an off line mode exists to carry on editing data (sales etc) if that connectivity to the internet is lost.
At Lois with our experience of the cloud, we assist many customers who may like me have started out in Retail with limited IT skills to improve their whole retail experience with these modern age tools. Speak to someone at LOIS who will only be too happy to impart some of their knowledge to you in this area for free today.